Pole dancing helped Sheffield mum fend off thug

Lisa Woodhead of Endfield Road,Parson X,who has revealed that pole-dancing fitness classes has given her such strength that she was able to fight off a robber

Lisa Woodhead of Endfield Road,Parson X,who has revealed that pole-dancing fitness classes has given her such strength that she was able to fight off a robber


A have-a-go-heroine who fought off a hammer-wielding thug has revealed the unlikely secret behind her strength – pole dancing.

Mum-of-two Lisa Woodhead has received dozens of messages of support after The Star revealed she grabbed the robber by his privates and clawed at his face when he targeted the shop where she worked.

She battled against the raider in a 15-minute struggle - before he eventually gave up and fled empty-handed.

Today Lisa, who lives in Parson Cross, Sheffield, credited pole dancing with giving her the muscles to take her male assailant on.

“I did say to the police when they first interviewed me that I did pole dancing,” she said.

“Now as soon as you say that to men, they think it is just you dancing around a pole! But it’s not - I do it for strength and fitness.

“I can honestly say pole dancing has given me better strength, and that’s why I didn’t let go of the hammer.

“The robber couldn’t get it off me - my grip is extremely good!

“I love pole dancing, it is brilliant. Every week I go to classes, but I have also got a pole installed in my living room.”

Despite suffering flashbacks, brave Lisa has already returned to work after her ordeal - but at a different branch of the store, this time in Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield.

Police have also offered her victim support services.

Lisa said: “I don’t want to let the robber beat me. I’ve not taken a day off work because of what happened.

“I’m glad I fought back. If I was there again I would do the same thing because that’s the type of person I am, even though it might seem stupid to some people.

“If I let one person get away with it then anyone could come in and try their luck – but hopefully nobody will target that shop again!”

The robber struck at the eCloud shop in Eastwood, Rotherham, where Lisa had started working only five weeks ago.

It was her first job back at work following the birth of her daughter Krystal, now six, sister to 14-year-old Kieran.

Lisa added: “A lot of people have said to me ‘good on you’ after what happened.

“But I think my daughter was most pleased, because I was in the paper.”

The robber, who struck last Friday, was wearing dark clothing and a dark hat.

* Anyone with information should call police on 101, quoting incident number 304 of February 7.

What you’ve been saying online:

Misunderstood - “Someone give this woman an award. Well done Lisa. The criminals do not know who they are messing with. She is my hero up to now this year.”

Sion - “She has got some balls, so to speak - even if they were not hers! Fight or flight, the mother certainly fought, good for her.”

Paul Hinch - “A proper Yorkshire lass!”

Paul Leslie Denial - “Well done... next time squeeze a bit harder.”

unicorn - “Let’s hope he is arrested soon. Well done that woman.”

Bladesboywoodhouse1 - “Well done. Hope this scumbag is caught and soon. Let’s hope the judge gives it a lengthy sentence if caught.”




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