Property landlord is cleared of harassment

Paul Andrew Williams outside Magistrates Court
Paul Andrew Williams outside Magistrates Court

Sheffield housing landlord Paul Williams was cleared of harassing two tenants after a court heard of a hate campaign against him.

The former Sheffield United player, who ran the company with his wife, Clare, was accused of grabbing Robert Abbott by the throat and making him “fear for his life” in a row over the state of a house in Broomhall just before Mr Abbott and housemate Luke Bamforth were due to move out.

Mr Williams, aged 50, who denied harassing the tenants, said Mr Bamforth swore at his wife .

But Judge Goozee said: “Mr Bamforth created a Facebook page called We Hate Home Accommodation, openly inviting comments about Home Accommodation and particularly about Paul and Clare Williams. It’s not the actions you would expect of someone who denied using threatening language towards Mrs Williams.”