Pupils' creative technology goes on show

Sheffield-based digital arts organisation Lovebytes has been working with children at Hunters Bar Junior School on a creative technology project called Avatars. Now the results have formed an exhibition, on show at the Showroom Cinema as part of the Children's Festival and Showcomotion Film Festival.

The Avatars project involved 90 pupils, aged seven and eight, who programmed their own computer games and interactive art. They have also seen their designs in printed publicity and in a 3D computer animated film made by Wak Studios, which is being premiered at the Showcomotion Young People's Film Festival this Friday.

Jon Harrison, creative director of Lovebytes, said: "We have been so impressed with the way the children have picked up the computer programming skills. Children are fascinated with games and digital media, so they already have quite a high level of digital literacy. Once they had picked up the basics of the programming language they quickly began coming up with some great ideas and making the sort of games they wanted to play."

Hunters Bar teacher Michael Bywaters said: "The project has really improved the children's computer skills but perhaps more importantly has opened their eyes to the creative possibilities opened up by using technology."

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