Pusher are pushing it to the limit

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It wasn’t even a year ago that Pusher broke into the music scene.

Today, Barnsley’s cinematic songsmiths are up to their guitar necks in tour dates, as they spread their sound across the UK.

But, according to guitarist Nevyn Stevenson, this is the band’s dream come true.

“It’s great, it’s exactly what we always wanted to do and the way we sound is what we all wanted to achieve in previous bands.”

That ‘sound’ is certainly signature - epic, loud and cinematic. It’s an aesthetic that, when experienced live, can be almost overwhelming, according to Stevenson.

“Our music definitely works better live. People definitely notice us when they come and watch, it’s playing live where we’re in our element.”

There are four members in Pusher. “We’ve known each other quite a while though we only formed last August. We do everything ourselves though, we record ourselves, manage ourselves and produce the music ourselves. It’s far easier that way though it’s hard work keeping on top of things.”

Pusher is definitely a band that likes to get stuck in. “We write song collectively, we each do our bit and come up with stuff and then put it all together. The songs are everyone’s - there’s no set songwriter as such.”

“The only thing that’s done by one person are the lyrics. And they are all very personal.”

Their latest single, Let It Break fuses gloomy, moody hooks, electronic textures and psychedelic guitars. And this week, as part of a very special show, the band brings their dirge-like ditties to Sheffield this Saturday.

“This is the closest thing to a home-town show,” says Stevenson. “We are only from Barnsley so playing is Sheffield is as close to home as it gets and we’re really really excited about it.”

Pusher play at the Academy, Arundel Gate, on Saturday (March 15)