Sheffield residents lodge protests over late-night karaoke bar

Pictured at Ponds Forge, where the Sheffield City Council election votes were counted. Seen is Central Green party winner  Rob Murphy.
Pictured at Ponds Forge, where the Sheffield City Council election votes were counted. Seen is Central Green party winner Rob Murphy.
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RESIDENTS living on the fringe of Sheffield city centre are voicing their concerns over a proposed karaoke bar and restaurant staying open at weekends until 4am.

In particular, people living in a converted chapel opposite K-Max, are objecting to a licence application that would also allow the premises to stay open until 2am at other times of the week.

They are worried about late-night disturbance in what was once an industrial area, but is now becoming a location for apartments in what is being called the St Vincent’s Quarter.

Councillors will consider the application for a karaoke bar and restaurant, on the corner of Scotland Street and Furnace Hill, next Thursday, taking into account proposed measures to minimise any noise or other disturbance from the premises, and several objections.

Opposite the site is Chapel West, a development of 15 apartments.

One occupant is telling the council: “The area is currently a very residential, quiet area, especially at night. At present, we can leave our bedroom window open at night and sleep undisturbed.

“If this bar were to open, people would be coming and going at very unsociable hours, and under influence of alcohol, some customers would no doubt be loud and rowdy.

“Additionally, there would be taxis coming and going constantly to drop off and pick up people.

“With the late hours this bar would be opening, people wouldn’t be able to use public transport and, as it serves alcohol, it seems unlikely that many people would drive.”

The objector points out there is a children’s nursery nearby, and the extra traffic and serving of alcohol would create “a less pleasant environment for children”.

A Scotland Street resident adds: “Many of the residents may decide to move, at considerable expense to themselves and the owners of the flats. Although I would prefer the bar not to open at all, I think that more reasonable opening hours would be until 11pm on weekdays and midnight at weekends. I do not understand why they need to stay open so late. Are they a karaoke bar or a nightclub?”

Local Green councillor Rob Murphy says there are around 720 apartments in the area.

“A lot of people live within 400 yards of this site, including the large blocks of Velocity Village, City Point and Metis and smaller blocks Cutlery Works, White Croft Works and Mayfair Court.”

It is a former industrial area where cultural enterprises are growing in old buildings, says Coun Murphy.

“The area needs to be carefully developed to ensure that residents can live and work happily in or close to the city centre.

“Plonking a 4am bar in the middle of St Vincent’s cannot fit in with any plans to carefully develop this area.

“And the situation that Chapel West residents find themselves in should be considered.”