Sheffield’s Irish dancers line up for debut theatre date


THEY may be an Irish dance group but all six members who take to the stage in Sheffield this weekend have their folk roots in the city.

In fact, all but one in Sciorr have fathers who are part of Sheffield City Morris Men and they will be presenting their debut theatre show, Staged, at the Montgomery Theatre in Surrey Street on Saturday.

Although they have been dancing together at folk festivals for 10 years, including festivals in Poland and Hungary, it is the first time they have put together a ‘proper’ show, with the help of local musicians.

The dancers – Sally Willan, aged 24, Cerys Wood, 22, Ruth Garside, 24, Emily Bates, 24, Ellen McManus, 25, and Sarah Popplewell 25 – they have been performing separately since some of them were as young as four.

As part of Sciorr, they choreograph all their own dances and have adopted a more laidback style than the competition-based Irish dancers.

“I’ve been dancing since I was nine,” said Sarah. “It’s like big family. We like the folk festivals, and we go to them through the summer even if we haven’t been booked.

“We were brought up on them. We love the music and the safe festival vibe. And it’s also exercise.”

The show combines traditional Irish and contemporary music, song and dance and features music written by local musician Matt Crum, aged 26.

Joining him in the band are brother Ben, 24, Annabel Reynolds, 25, Tim Yates, 24, Dave Greenwood, 26, Becky Eden-Green, 26, Kat Hurdley, 22, Molly Shorter, 24, and Ben Trott, 26.

Tickets costing £7 are available from and on the door.

The show starts at 7.30pm.