Show tackles health issue

Shake the Dust
Shake the Dust

Somebody’s Theatre are building on their experience of last year with the production, Shake the Dust, which runs throughout August.

“We took a piece of new writing called Built for Two and got a handful of four-star reviews and planned to go bigger and better this year,” explains director and co-writer Stuart Gresham.

The subject matter of Shake the Dust is inspired by something else they saw at Edinburgh in 2013, “It claimed to be a play about mental health and we thought it was stereotypical and crass and archaic and we thought mental illness was something that needed to be discussed openly and we wanted to write about that,” he continues..

Shake the Dust follows one girl’s battle with depression, and her friends’ and family’s struggle to diagnose it. It is set on Faye’s 21st birthday as she is cooped up in the garage of her family’s house away.

Her sister and the boy next door are the only ones that can communicate with her and slowly they unravel what’s bothering her as childhood memories come back.

Mental health is an issue which has affected almost every member of the company to varying degrees, he continues. “We hope Shake the Dust will highlight depression is an illness which can be overcome once it is recognised.”

It will be performed by Immie Davies, Myer Wakefield and Caitlin Hare. The original script for Shake the Dust had five characters which was how it was first presented at West Street Live in June but for reasons of availability it had to be reduced to three speaking roles. “So I became an accidental co-writer,” says the director.

There is a team of eight from Somebody’s Theatre taking the show to Edinburgh and they have chosen to donate its proceeds to mental health charity Rethink Mental Illness.