South Yorkshire letters to Santa

Post haste: Georgia Mai Aylward, aged 11, Alex Jo Aylward, 9, and Oliver Joseph Ford, aged 3. Picture: Steve Ellis.
Post haste: Georgia Mai Aylward, aged 11, Alex Jo Aylward, 9, and Oliver Joseph Ford, aged 3. Picture: Steve Ellis.

THERE’S just one more sleep till Christmas, and Santa’s on his way...

And in readiness for the main man’s magical arrival down chimneys across South Yorkshire tonight, awestruck children have been writing their wish-lists to Father Christmas.

At the John Lewis department store in Barker’s Pool, Sheffield, a special letterbox was set up for hundreds of boys and girls to drop their notes to Santa.

The letters are sent straight to Lapland to be read personally by St Nick, so he knows exactly what the region’s children would like to see under their Christmas trees tomorrow morning.

But before the letters were bundled up and dispatched for the North Pole, The Star saw a selection to find out more about youngsters’ heartfelt desires.

In a letter covered with kisses, little Beth from Fulwood in Sheffield asked only for a Dora the Explorer book - before enquiring of Santa: “I hope you are well and your reindeer are happy.”

Katie, from Whirlowdale, told Santa she been good all year. “I have been the best behaved I could possibly be, like for instance I helped show round parents and they said I was very polite, kind and helpful,” she said. She asked for a sticker-maker and a doll creator - and added: “If the things I don’t get don’t go to poor children, I want them to go to charity.”

Sophie, from Shirecliffe, wrote: “I would like a dolly, a Barbie, and flashy new shoes.” She stressed: “I have been a very good girl, I have tidied my room.”

Scarlett, aged five, from Wadsley, asked for craft things, clothes and a pencil case, and told Santa: “Thank you for being kind.”

Hannah, from Staincross in Barnsley, thought of others when she wrote: “I would like you to send other children who don’t have toys lots and lots of them.”

Libby, aged nine, from Chapeltown, reminded Santa: “I came to see you at Longleat, I hope you can remember me. See you soon!”

Iris, from Stannington, told him: “I love you and the elves and your wife”, while Siobhan, from Greenhill, said: “I would love some girly toys as I have four older brothers. Their toys are boring!”

Thomas, aged four, from Norton, asked for ‘a stocking with some chocolate’ and a ‘Buzz Lightyear toy’. Ethan, from Walkley, asked for a ‘Peter Rabbit’, and Tovin from Greystones said: “I would like a wooden train set and my family to be all together.”

Joshua, from Fulwood, wanted ‘a bicycle and a Lego truck’ - and said he would leave a mince pie and a carrot for Santa and Rudolph.

Imogene, from Firth Park, said she had been a good girl all year, eating all her vegetables, and asked for a ‘baby doll’.

Lily-Mae, of Greystones, decorated her Christmas list with stars and glitter, and asked for ‘surprises’, a ‘dressing table, make-up and a glitter kit’. Worried, she added: “Please don’t wake Ruby up when you come down the chimney. Ruby is our new kitten.”

Sam, aged two-and-a-half, from Hoylandswaine, wanted ‘wooden trains, Tidmouth sheds and bridges, and tracks’. But he didn’t forget to slip in a request for his new baby brother Will, who would like some cuddly toys.

Izzy, of Sharrow, just wanted to make everybody happy and to have a nice time with her family. “I love you so much,” she wrote to Santa. “I also want it to snow too.”

But Grace, from Woodseats, had some nagging doubts and festive questions.

“Are you real?” she asked. “I’m a bit nervous writing to you but I’m trying to be brave.” Adding a drawing of herself, she wrote: “This is what I look like. What do you actually look like?”

James Prince, head of the John Lewis branch, said: “Our box made sure the letters were sent straight to Father Christmas, and he wrote back personally to each child to let them know their letters had been received.

“We helped Santa to send back 1,047 letters this year.”