Star readers mourn Sheffield Don Valley stadium rubble

The now flattened Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield.

The now flattened Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield.

Sheffield residents reacted with dismay at the sight of the former Don Valley stadium being reduced to dust after The Star’s report.

Star readers made their voices heard on Facebook in their droves on the plight of the sports facility, which has made way for a 1,222-place school for pupils aged two to 16.

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Holly Alicia Dixon said: “The site shouldn’t be used as a school, it should be used so the whole of Sheffield can use not just the locals.”

Christian Fletcher said: “Utter disgrace. A waste of money and time. Needs to be used for general public. Not a school. Where’s the regeneration in that?”

Paul Ibbotson added: “Loss of a good facility the city once had. Hate our council. We will never compete with the likes of Leeds and Manchester because of their short-sightedness and small-minded mentality.

“Our council are ripping the heart out of our city. No doubt they have their own agenda.”

And Jean Hill said: “It’s very sad, my daughter and husband both worked on student games and my daughter also ran there.”

The council says the new academy school will be a ‘cornerstone’ for regeneration and will meet high demand for new pupil places in the surrounding area.

Its ‘state-of-the-art’ facilities would be married with a 1,222-place early years, primary and secondary school campus, with community facilities – and could even house a university technical college, the council says.

There are also plans by the Sheffield Eagles rugby club to build a 10,000 capacity stadium on the site alongside the school.

The club is set to submit planning permission and begin building in early 2015 ready for the 2016 season.




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