Sulley’s just a big softie in need of a loving home

Sully 'RSPCA Dog of the week
Sully 'RSPCA Dog of the week

HE’S named after a character from the hit movie Monsters, Inc.

And just like the original Sulley, this fella is far from being a scary monster.

Sulley is an incredibly affectionate and loving dog even though the big softie has had a rough time of late.

RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre care manager Tony Benham said Sulley is, in fact, a bit special.

“When this wonderful dog arrived at our centre seven months ago he was dirty and smelly,” he said. “He had a horrendous infection in his foot which hadn’t been treated - it had just been wrapped in parcel tape.

“We tried hard to save his foot but it became clear it just wasn’t healing and, sadly, he had to have his leg amputated.

“But dogs can lead fulfilling and very happy lives on just three legs.

“His new owner just needs to be mindful of Sulley not putting on too much weight, as being a large dog he needs to stay trim and not put more pressure than necessary on his legs when he enters his autumnal years.

“As his operation was not that long ago, exercise needs to be moderate and not too strenuous. He needs regular gentle exercise to build up the strength on his other back leg.

“At present, he’s being walked for 10 to 15 minutes three to four times a day to keep him mobile and agile.”

Tony says Sulley is a real pleasure to be around – a gentle soul who loves to be groomed and enjoys pottering about.

You too can get to know this handsome hound by visiting the centre in Attercliffe every day except Wednesday from 12.30pm until 3.30pm.