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NOSTALGIC favourites Lego, Twister and Cabbage Patch kids are among toys being tipped to top children’s Christmas 2012 wishlists - and they’re a big hit with South Yorkshire youngsters.

The revelation comes from the Toy Retailers Association’s list of predicted Top Toys, which they have released every Christmas for the past 46 years.

“This year’s list really combines the old and the new and there are quite a few toys from yesteryear that have been shaken up and reinvented,” said Ashley Ryan, spokesman for the Toy Retailer’s Association.

“There are some toys that hold an enduring place in the hearts of children for generations and this year we’ve seen the toy industry overhaul a number of classic favourites.”

The 2012 toys were unveiled at Meadowhall Shopping Centre where youngsters had the chance to test the toys and games before choosing which ones they’ll ask Santa for.

Five-year-old Georgia Pearce was fascinated by a Furby robot doll - which first became a must-have Christmas toy back in 1998.

It’s back on top of the list 14 years later, with expressive LCD eyes, a wider range of motions and interactions and its own smart phone app, which children can use to feed and communicate with their little furry pal.

“It flaps its ears up and down and he really doesn’t like it if you pull his tail,” Georgia said. “I hope I get him for Christmas.”

Big brother Harry, seven, took a shine to the Innotab 2.

“It has lots of games and music on it, just like a little iPad. I like the Lord of the Rings Lego too, but Furby is still my favourite.”

Eight-year-old Archie Peacock is praying he gets a Nerf Gun in his stocking this Christmas after falling in love with the toy at Meadowhall.

“It’s got room for 48 foam bullets and if I had it I’d shoot my brother with it all day long,” he laughed.

“I really like the Spiderman too, because he shoots webs out of his hands. I’ve been shooting my brother with that too.”

The TRA’s predictions - known as the Dream Dozen - have become a Dream ‘Baker’s Dozen’ for the first time this year.

“There were so many great toys, we couldn’t narrow it down any more. It’s nostalgia with a twist this year, advances in technology mean all the toys do more, are faster and more interactive. All thirteen deserve a place on this list,” said Ashley.

‘The list’ is usually bang on the money, with 10 of the 2011 Dream Dozen in the top five in their class for the year.

Meadowhall centre director Darren Pearce said: “We’re so proud to work with TRA and bring this year’s top toys to Meadowhall.”

The toys will be at Meadowhall until Friday.




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