Retired man’s rural village road rage

A RETIRED engineer suffered life-changing injuries while keeping his village tidy after a ‘road rage’ incident involving another elderly driver.

Roger Goodman, aged 62, is still walking with a crutch after three operations on a broken hip, caused when he fell to the ground during the confrontation at Micklebring, Doncaster, while he was picking up litter.

The driver, 64-year-old retired security officer Clifton Howard Paskell-Jeffrey, denied any knowledge of the accident - but has been convicted by a judge of failing to stop after an accident, and banned.

The defendant was traced by Mr Goodman’s own detective work after he was able to catch a glimpse of the defendant’s registration number while he lay on the road in Greaves Sike Lane. A week later he spotted the car parked at a house and informed the police.

Mr Goodman had parked on the lane to pick up newspapers which had been dumped, when another driver stopped behind to see if he could help.

While Mr Goodman was talking to the other driver, Paskell-Jeffrey arrived in his Honda Civic and blasted his horn before shouting expletives and abuse, Doncaster Magistrates’ Court was told.

Mr Goodman said: “I said, ‘Is there a problem?’ at which point I got another tirade. We were mid-conversation when he floored the accelerator. I was dragged along the ground and heard my hip crack. It also ripped the skin off my arm and there was blood pouring from my elbow.”

Mr Goodman has since had three operations and a complete hip replacement.

Jeffrey, of Bishopsgate Lane, Rossington, denied failing to stop but was fined £400 with £500 costs and disqualified for three months.

“I will now be seeking compensation from his insurers,” Mr Goodman said.