VIDEO: Sheffield Chicken’s great Easter egg-scape

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A chicken which escaped from Sheffield was found after three days on the run – 10 miles away.

The pet – a white crested black Polish breed called Punk Rocker because of its unusual fluffy hairdo – made a bid for freedom from owner Harriet Brittain’s home in Dore by squeezing through a gap in the garden hedge.

Harriet and her mum Jacqueline spent days searching for the hen.

However, it was only when they put up missing posters in the area offering a £10 reward that a woman got in touch.

The chicken had been housed overnight by neighbours in a shed and then taken to their son’s house, where there was a chicken allotment, in Chesterfield.

Harriet said: “We all didn’t realise how much a part of the family she had become until she was gone.”

Punk Rocker returned home on Tuesday, April 8.

Jacqueline said: “We all felt very bereft and the other chickens seemed quiet and subdued.

“She was mainly accepted back by the other chickens.

“One of them gave her several peckings, I assume to ensure she knew that making a break for it was unacceptable behaviour.

“We all feel relieved, but its also good to know the spirit of good neighbours still exists.”




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