Work and play time

Multi-media artist shows video made from 1940-1975 footage in the Millennium Galleries.

Now on view on the plasma screens in the foyer of the Millennium Galleries is Work, Rest & Play, new video triptych by renowned multi-media artist Vicki Bennett exploring the themes of labour and leisure, industriousness and stillness.

Commissioned by Lovebytes, Work, Rest & Play has been created using industrial and documentary film footage from 1940-1975 to follow the endless chug of the conveyer belt of life.

The film has been constructed as a triptych, where the whole is intended to be greater than the sum of the parts.

Images of production lines, factories, and educational and creative industries, are sandwiched by those of the winding up and down processes of the day, the hours of leisure and relaxation, to illustrate the endless whirr of activity in our pursuit of meaning and happiness.

Vicki Bennett has exhibited extensively, showing work at Tate Modern, Sydney Opera House, and the Pompidou Centre among other internationally renowned venues. Recently she released an album, Perpetuum Mobile with Ergo Phizmiz, and has just completed Trying Things Out, a film initiated during a BBC Creative Archive residency.