Affordable homes are really needed

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From: Greg Fletcher

Springvale Road, S6

Whilst I am keen to see the area around the site of ‘Manor Mill’ developed, I am not sure a new student ‘village’ is what the doctor ordered.

This is because, with the likelihood of reduced student numbers due to tuition fees, and reductions in overseas students due to the tightening up of student visas, we will have an oversupply of such property.

We already have the Endcliffe site as well as the area around Netherthorpe Road plus a number of other smaller complexes.

What is really required is a big increase in the number of affordable homes for singles and families, for which there is a huge shortage of good, quality properties, designed with the environment in mind.

May I urge the council to persuade the developers to redesign their complex with non-students in mind, as well as taking the traffic issue into consideration.