Developers should pay as this scheme will increase Broomhill’s population

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The very poor quality development proposed by TaylorWimpey/Sheffield University for the former Tapton Halls of Residence site in Broomhill threatens to blight a unique area of our city’s heritage (‘Revised homes scheme is ‘still substandard’, Peter Kay, Sheffield Telegraph, March 13).

In addition to this, however, the developer is now claiming (Sheffield City Council Planning website) that the customary financial contribution to local infrastructure, often referred to as Section 106 money and in this case for education, should not be made as the new housing “will not increase the city’s population”.

That might be true, but it will certainly increase the population of Broomhill.

The students have moved to the Endcliffe and Ranmoor Villages but are still well within the local area.

They will be replaced on the Tapton site by the occupants of the proposed 97, mainly family-sized, dwellings who will put considerable extra demands on the local education provision.

I urge the city council to ensure that first, we gain appropriately well-designed buildings in this conservation area and, further, that the developers make a fair contribution to the district to support the needs of the multi-million pound scheme.

Barbara Hickman