Financial cheats are true muggers

From: Philip Hutchinson

Sheffield S6

RECENTLY the Chancellor of the Exchequer labelled people who cheat the housing benefit system as “muggers”.

Whilst not in any way defending cheating the benefit system as a whole,the scale of fraud going on in financial dealing is of a magnitude which is incomprehensible to most of us.

It can also be pointed out that if we had a civilised Government with progressive ideas and policies for capital, instead of a neanderthal one, we wouldn’t need a benefit system, because housing, basic living costs, health and education would be take out of bounds for private capital dealings.

With local authorities now actively preparing for higher expenditure putting displaced, homeless people into bed and breakfast accomodation, it would be rather disingenuous to fondly imagine that there won’t be anger and violence.

This will mean higher expenditure in “security”, legal action and custody; it will take it’s toll, health wise on people who work in town halls.

This is the social cost to all of us who don’t belong to the privileged financier class imposing it.

The Prime Minister, The Deputy Prime Minister and the Chancellor all come from banking or similarly privileged backgrounds, as do the majority of Cabinet ministers, one of whom recently called benefit claimants “scroungers” during a BBC Radio News interview.

Academic Economists have referred to the type of policies being pursued as “Privatising Profit, Socialising Risk”.

Another way of putting this is “Save The Banks, Screw The People”.

Although the big three political parties do not have an agenda to take capital out of the equation for guaranteeing that our basic needs are met, there are Members of Parliament, I am sure, who would subscribe to such an evolution of economic policies, especially within an international framework; some kind of party within Europe at least, whose members were in agreement of the need for this.

Only by gaining democratic, political power can we - the people who aren’t of the financial classes - not so much screw the bankers as stop what , from this present Government seem like viciously petty and regressive policies of primitive capitalism.