Great idea for a green city

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I was interested to read about the NIMBYS living near Norton Aerodrome complaining about plans to produce compost on the site. What a great idea!

I live on Blackstock Road – not far from the Dump-It site where I currently take my own green waste to be re-cycled.

Clearly there are lorries and cars back and forth to the Dump-it site all the time, but they are just part of the general road traffic.

No one can tell me that Bochum Parkway is any less busy than Blackstock Road... far from it. There’s no way a few extra lorries are going to be noticed.

Regarding the nonsense about it being a problem as it’s near to a school- well our Dump-It site is immediately adjacent to Bankwood School and they don’t seem to have any problems.

I can also tell you that I have bought 13 bags of compost direct from Green Estate this year when they had a Bag your Own Compost promotion for £1 a bag and it’s great stuff and there were lots of other gardeners and allotment growers also buying the compost at the same time.

So please stop scaremongering. This is a great use for derelict land and can only enhance Sheffield’s reputation as a major Green City.