How your bus pass tickets are funded

From: David Young

SYPTE Director of Customer Experience

In response to the letter of last week from RJ Wakefield asking who pays for the journeys when a senior citizens’ pass is shown on the bus, may I set out how the scheme works?

The English National Concessions Scheme is a Government-mandated benefit which offers older and disabled people free off-peak bus travel. Each time a pass is shown the bus driver should record the journey on his ticket machine. The bus (or rail) company is then refunded for the cost of carrying the passenger by South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE).

SYPTE’s funding comes through the local councils so the number of journeys made by bus pass holders does have a small effect on the level of council tax, but councils do receive a grant from central Government to help reimburse the bus company.

If your correspondent (or indeed any reader) wishes to take up the healthy option of walking I would encourage them to do so but for many older and disabled people in South Yorkshire the free travel concession is invaluable.