I hope these dedicated gardeners can now forget this mindless vandalism

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My thoughts are with Mr Jeff Walker who’s allotment was destroyed by mindless morons ( Sheffield Telegraph, August 28, page 17).

I know first hand the devastation it causes as many years ago my late father and his friends had their allotments and pigeon lofts vandalised and racing pigeons killed.

It seems to be a problem year after year.

Whoever did this needs to be caught.

Then they should be made to tell Mr Walker WHY they thought a few minutes of their twisted pleasure was worth wrecking 30 years of hard work, love and a happy retirement.

Then they should be made to work on community garden projects.

I sincerely hope that Mr Walker does not lose faith and that he will be helped in finding an alternative allotment and given help in setting up a new shed with new tools.

Then maybe Mr Walker will have his faith in human nature restored.

Christine Langham