‘Missing links’ on railways

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From: Roy St Pierre

Colne, Lancs

Whilst staying with friends in your city, I read the letter from Julie Dore, Sheffield City Council leader, about high-speed rail.

Whilst I fully support this initiative, I would also urge your readers to find out about the many ‘missing rail links’ around the country whose reopening would transform the national Rail Network and give them their support.

Such ‘missing links’ include in your area the Woodhead route, elsewhere the East-West, Lewes-Uckfield and in my own area Skipton-Colne to name just a few.

All these would, even totalled up would be a fraction of the cost of high-speed rail; indeed in the Lords one peer said that delaying Cross Rail by two months would pay for Skipton-Colne.

Its restoration would reduce travelling time to and from East Lancashire from destinations east of the Pennines by one and a half to three hours, considerably more than the high-speed rail time savings.

Our campaign group SELRAP has received messages of support from over 400 councils in the North of England and Wales, including Sheffield City Council, over 700 individual politicians and over 700 organisations.

Our campaign has over 500 individual members all over the country and any of your readers interested in finding out more or becoming a member, please write to me at the address above or visit our website, www.selrap.org.uk

So all power to the high-speed rail campaign but please don’t forget us lesser mortals.