Nothing wrong with Government wanting best education for children

What planet are these teaching unions on in thinking that the Government should be apologetic for wanting the best possible education for our children?

It was in utter dismay that I read of the NUT and NASWUT strikes and protests in Sheffield.

Under this Conservative-led government, a new rigorous curriculum has been introduced, along with tough new qualifications, which aim to raise academic standards across the bar. The new TechBacc qualification ensures those who favour a more vocational route into a career will not be left behind. Paperwork and red tape has been cut for teachers and they now have more power to discipline unruly children. Why on earth shouldn’t high quality teaching be incentivised with higher pay? A recent poll suggests 61% of the public certainly think it should. But the unions seem intent on securing an egalitarian staff room with a very solid ceiling. I can understand the unions’ concerns over teachers’ public sector pensions and the changes to working conditions, which have reduced preparation time in place of more time in the classroom. Teaching is an incredibly strenuous job, but we must put these concerns in context.

The average small business owner might not even have the luxury of a set working week, but instead devotes his every waking minute to the business. A pension might be a mere pipe dream.

Alex Dale

Park Grange Road, S2