Sheffield business needs to wake up to the airport and its possibilities

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When are Sheffield businesses going to wake up?

For years, Sheffield business travellers have been promised that Doncaster’s Robin Hood Airport will provide them with the connections they need. And yet, year after year, these routes fail to appear.

Robin Hood Airport is losing passengers and losing money. It has failed to provide Sheffield with business routes to the rest of the UK and Europe, but the city’s business community remain silent.

Once again, Robin Hood’s managers have trotted out the old story about the FARRRS road link, as if this will somehow magically transform the situation. It won’t. Even when the road is finally built, it will stop two miles short of the airport - travellers will still have to drive down a country road to complete their journey to the terminal.

Doncaster’s Chamber of Commerce will obviously be behind Robin Hood - it’s their local airport. But what about Sheffield’s chamber? They have a great city airport on their doorstep, and they are allowing it to lie unused.

Sheffield City Council want the HS2 rail link to be rerouted so it stops in central Sheffield rather than Meadowhall.

They think it is better for these links to be as close as possible to the city centre, not miles outside. They are right. But why is it so difficult for people to see that the same applies to airports?

Michael Wood

Seaford, BN25