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Last week’s question:

What’s your best-ever market bargain?


3 lots of mince pies for £1 at newly opened@TheMoorMarket


Once bought a very trendy jumper for £1.99 and wore it to death , also 3lb strawberrys for £1.


I’ve had so many bargains from Castle Market, just trying to think of the best there’s been so many!

Sarah Brown


Huge oysters at 50p each!


Always used to go in the fish market with my mum and then for a coffee. She died 20yrs ago so another piece of my childhood memories gone

Clare Tollick


Trouble is.... I’ve had too many #MarketShef bargains to choose from! Bag of aubergines for £1 or maybe the lamb heart/pig cheek for 50p!

This week’s question:

The chill is setting in… What’s the best thing about winter for you? Use #wintershef