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Last week’s question:

What’s the worst present you’ve ever given - or received?

Kay Hope @turbocheese

I was once given 1 dessert spoon, yes it really happened.The regular stainless steel variety, my daughter gave it to me when she was 13 for mothers day.

Bee Beddard @bee_td37

Received glow in the dark statue of the Virgin Mary one Xmas. V Christmassy but a bit scary in middle of the night


I was bought a cauliflower because I complained he never bought me flowers. He’s my ex.

Omar Soliman @wiz52

Gave my sister a lump of coal in a beautiful red tin. She wasn’t impressed and returned the gift to me last year


A mixing bowl (small) from my mother-in-law when I was in my 20s. I might like it now!

Janey @JaneyGV

A white board and dry wipe pens for kitchen lists! it was @AndrewWhitham - so I could write shopping lists!

This week’s question:

More of your ‘worst present’ tales. Tweet yours: #giftshef