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Last week’s question:

What’s your most romantic Valentine’s Day gesture?

Hazel Scott


I sent the man who is now my ex husband a dozen red balloons to his workplace. He hated that.



We once sent each other identical valentine’s cards, a matching pair on the fireplace… also got engaged in 1990 #valentineshef



I was given a glass rose a few years ago. It can’t wilt so I’ve still got it :-)

The Three Tuns


My wonderful wife bought me a tupperware one Valentines Day while we were students - I had a thing for square, not round ones!

SRT @ Moss Valley


I am in the dog house, as running the sound and light for a show on Friday!!

East Lodge Hotel


Nothing more romantic than an actual #wedding on Valentine’s Day itself this year @eastlodgehotel

This week’s question:

What’s the best way to spend a wet day in Sheffield? #wetshef