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Last week’s question:

What’s your favourite April Fools’ Day prank?

Kouzina @KouzinaCooking

RT: Did you know doner kebabs were invented in Doncaster? Protected Geographical Indicator status being applied for.

MR Chimney Services


Caught out a couple of people today after posting an ad for apprentice who can climb, work in dark confined space & is fire resistant ;) #foolshef

Helen @Helenintgarden

When I was at school boys & girls swapped changing rooms…we did rugby & the boys did aerobics. Teachers never found out how 120 of us all got to be in the wrong place – they acted like nothing had happened…

Clare Tollick


Nearly taken in by @beauchefcharlie tweeting he’s almost thro to appearing on GBM. He can be so dead pan-I always fall for it!

Helen Davies @Pickled_Pair

Smartphone Stroller - no pushing required. Essential travel solution for the high-tech parent!

This week’s question:

ESCAL stages a schools news event this week. We ask: should today’s children read newspapers? Tweet #shefnews