We should give The Moor the ‘grand entrance’ it was intended to have

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Now that the long saga of replacing the Castle Markets is nearing its end, I have a suggestion as to how the city council can add to the celebrations of the opening of the new Markets on The Moor.

Now that South Sheffield residents will have easier access to the new Markets, what about the city council re-opening the gates underneath the offices on Moorfoot (at least during the day).

This would demonstrate the city council’s commitment to the ongoing regeneration of the Moor by re-instituting the ‘Grand Entrance’ to the Moor which was the vision of The City Fathers in the Seventies. Removing the temporary(!) landscaping could be done at relatively little financial cost and Sheffield residents (at least in the south of the city) would see a direct benefit from the several million pounds which the city council paid for the Moorfoot offices.

Rae Magowan

Oakhill Road, S7