What's happening on Blacka Moor?

Although I no longer live in Sheffield, I frequently return there and often walk on Blacka Moor.

But what on earth is going on there?

Alderman JG Graves left that land to the citizens of Sheffield in 1933 by legal covenant, to be managed by the city council and kept in its natural state for everyone to enjoy.

And what do we find? That the council have actually had the covenant re-written and the land fenced off for grazing. One short step from clearance for housing development?

It is certainly not now accessible to all. So, are the people of Sheffield all going to sit back and allow the council to do as they wish with this delightful area or take action now before it's too late, to preserve this lovely natural woodland and moorland in accordance with the wishes of JG Graves when he entrusted the council with its care?