Your Christian beliefs are not the only ones accepted by get over it

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Julian Mann commenting (letters 18/7) on Sheffield Council being praised by Stonewall for tackling homophobic bullying seems to state the obvious then swerve past the point.

Is anyone arguing that Christian students are homophobic to agree with the Christian assertion that sex outside heterosexual marriage is wrong and damaging?

Who says it is homophobic to articulate the biblical definition of marriage as between one man and one woman?

As far as I am aware disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in Sheffield schools are free to argue their biblical convictions.

What they are not allowed to do, quite rightly in my opinion and what Stonewall are fighting for is the teaching of these beliefs as though they are the only ones accepted by society at large.

The Christian ‘right’ are great for this kind of approach, often trying to bring in the state as though a few Bishops in the House of Lords make their beliefs and teachings the law of the land.

Well they aren’t so get over it.

Peter Jackson