Dave Simms: Steelers play wait and see game

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I don’t know about you but I love and hate this time of the year. I hate it because I miss the hockey weekends just aren’t the same but I love it because it’s interesting to see our own team re-build and that of the other nine we will be fighting against next season.

The Doug Christiansen wait and see approach continues with no more signings to report this past week. One advantage of this is that Doug can see what his opposition is up to and even react and counter sign guys he thinks are needed to ensure success for Sheffield.

It won’t have gone unnoticed that one of the league’s most influential players walked away from the Coventry Blaze this past week. Mike Schutte, the D man Ryan Finnerty tried to sign last season had agreed and penned a deal to return to the Blaze but a job offer outside hockey had come along and Schutte has decided to walk away from the game. That’s a big loss to the Blaze. He was a 60 point D man and they aren’t easy to find. The Blaze have size and toughness, their coaching staff have a hard job ahead of them.