Sheffield United: Dignified Blades boss Danny going nowhere

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Sheffield United: Blades news, reports and more.
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NEWS vacuums are a breeding ground for rumours. Fans will always fill the void; hence Sheffield United and Danny Wilson have found themselves the subject of wild and persistent Twitter gossip about a parting of the ways, writers Alan Biggs.

Absolutely nothing in it as far as I, or anyone around Bramall Lane, is concerned.

What is true is that this can’t be the happiest summer of Wilson’s life. And, much as he understands it, he can’t be turning cartwheels about the potential decimation of his squad either. Or the much lower wages budget that will have been set. Or that he can’t move on any of his targets, potentially losing them, until players move out. Or that a promotion bid will still be expected.

Be honest, who would be a bundle of joy in those seemingly bleak circumstances? But, much as football constantly surprises you, anything more sinister is pure fantasy according to my sources. Danny is a dignified bloke and a realist who takes life on the chin.

The rumour appears to have fed on the club’s general silence and his own since a media briefing a fortnight ago. Okay, nobody has killed it stone dead - but then why should a club dignify every rumour by responding to it? And it is only internet chatter when all’s said and done.

You can only suppose that sometimes there really is nothing to say.