The day that non league supporters played at San Siro

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Sheffield FC boss Ian Whitehorne has described his club ‘svisit to Milan as ‘awe-inspiring’ after a Sheffield legends team played on the famous San Siro pitch.

Whitehorne and his team made up of supporters, ex and current players and staff flew out to Italy last Wednesday and as well as playing two matches at the San Siro, their Milan hosts gave them a tour of the ground, a meal and took the team sight-seeing.

After winning the three team tournament on Wednesday and being crowned ‘Heroes in the San Siro’ Whitehorne and his side travelled to the historic Arena Civica Brera for another friendly, but the veterans team had their run broken by a youthful Calcio side.

As part of the clubs 150th anniversary in 2007, Sheffield played an Inter Milan side at Bramall Lane and last year Inter sent a veterans team to play at Sheffield’s Dronfield ground and asked them over for a re-match.

“It was fantastic. It was a once in a life time occasion; truly awe-inspiring.” Whitehorne said. “We had a tour of the stadium saw just how important it is to the city of Milan and its people. For the supporters and people who dedicate so much time to our club - it is those who deserved this opportunity. Just seeing their faces as they pull on the club shirt and playing on the San Siro was fantastic.”

Before flying back on Thursday evening, Inter Milan’s supporters club joined the Sheffield team in a night of celebration at one of the city’s bars and they have expressed an interest in returning to Sheffield for another game.

“We have made a lot of close ties and it is important for the club to keep them” said Whitehead.

The Sheffield squad will travel to Rome on July 19 as part of their preparations for the new season where they will play Italian non-league side Proappio, who are based in the Lazio district.