Kiss of death for Megson after glory

Gary Megson
Gary Megson

SO Sunday’s kiss of the badge turned out to be the kiss of death.

A Wednesdayite’s celebration watched by men in the director’ box who already knew it would be his last.

Despite four defeats on the run before the victory over United the Owls are third in the table with 13 games to go and the fans were sticking by one of their own.

Not so the chairman.

Rumours had been rife around the club of a huge row between the Owls boss and owner Milan Mandaric in the build-up to Sunday’s derby.

Milan Mandaric has been in Sheffield for just over a year and already he’s carrying on the Hillsborough tradition of firing managers when things don’t go just right.

Megson is the tenth in 15 years, the sixth in a decade and Mandaric’s second in 12 months.

Most fans hoped this ritual blood-letting would cease under new ownership but Megson has not been as fully backed in the transfer market as he could have been and he became frustrated.

Tough men make tough decisions, that’s the nature of the football business and the nature of men like Megson and Mandaric.

Whoever comes in next whether its Dave Jones, Lee Clark, Mark Robins, Paul Ince or anyone else will know that only success - on the chairman’s terms - will do.

If in a year’s time Wednesday are in the top six of the Championship no-one will be talking about yesterday.

Should they still be in League one however, they will certainly be talking about Milan Mandaric.

The Owls crest bears the legend ‘consilio et animus’ meaning ‘by wisdom and courage’.

Milan Mandaric might have shown a bit more of both if he had stuck by his man.