Sheffield Wednesday: Coke blasts Blackpool pitch

Giles Coke says the Bloomfield Road surface is the worst he has ever played on
Giles Coke says the Bloomfield Road surface is the worst he has ever played on

Giles Coke has described Blackpool’s pitch as the worst he has ever played on.

It follows Dave Jones’ slamming of the surface as a “disgrace”.

Steve Howard has weighed in by calling the Bloomfield Road pitch “horrendous.”

But Wednesday staff and players are not the only critics.

Seasiders manager Paul Ince admits that the pitch makes life hard for his players.

Coke said on Twitter: “I think that really was the worst pitch I have played on. Good point, unlucky not to get three.”

Howard said in his post-match interview: “It was horrendous. It looked all right to begin with, not as bad as I thought, but as the game went on, it was cutting up. You can’t play football on that; you can’t pass the ball on the floor.”

Ince dubbed the 0-0 draw with the Owls a “terrible game”, saying: “All in all I didn’t enjoy it. I think that’s probably the worst I’ve ever seen the pitch play, too.

“Maybe we were a little tired. People don’t realise just how much that pitch takes out of the players’ legs.

“It’s OK for the opposition as they only have to play here once a season. But for our lads to have played on it twice in four days has been very tough.

“It’s taken a lot out of them, so I’m pleased with the four points.” Blackpool beat Burnley 1-0 at home.

Howard also said: “It was tough on that pitch. That was a definite shift.”

Jones finds it strange that Blackpool try to play a game of cohesive passing yet are hampered by their own ground.

“I bet every team that goes there complains,” he says.

“I don’t know what they (Blackpool) are doing. We walked on it before the game and they were replacing divots even then.

“We went there and tried our best - and Blackpool are a footballing team yet they’ve got to play on that.” Derby will be the final visitors to Bloomfield Road, on April 27.