SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY: Martin Taylor ‘gutted’ by his mistakes

Sticky start: Martin Taylor knows he has not been at his best but he performed well at Molineux
Sticky start: Martin Taylor knows he has not been at his best but he performed well at Molineux

OWLS boss Dave Jones has revealed that new captain Martin Taylor is “gutted” because he believes he has made mistakes that have cost goals.

But Jones says that everybody at the club is backing the ex-Watford defender to bounce back to form after a sticky start to his Hillsborough career, which has also brought him some criticism from fans.

The Wednesday chief also judges that other players have been below their best in the recent lean spell and the only solution for players in this situation is for them to work their way back to form.

Jones points out that even top-class players can sometimes not settle down at a new club straight away, citing Fernando Torres as an example.

“Lots of players here haven’t performed to the best of their ability, whether they were brought here or were here from the outset,” said Jones.

“It’s difficult to understand people having a go at somebody when we’re all in it together.

“Don’t forget that before Martin came we were conceding goals. The best thing to do is stop them collectively, just like we score them collectively.

“Watford didn’t want to let Martin go. He was captain and playing well there; since he’s gone, results haven’t gone as well for them

“I remember somebody (Torres) going for £50 million and people couldn’t understand why he wasn’t performing well. There’s no reason why a player should or shouldn’t settle in straight away. It’s just one of those things and the player just has to work his way through it.

“It’s frustratimg for Martin, The boy is gutted because he feels he’s made mistakes that have cost us goals. But you can’t just blame one person.

“At Wolves he performed well. I think we’re all in it together and we all feel for anybody who isn’t performing to the best of his ability.

“He knows we haven’t seen anywhere near the best of him. I think everybody in the club backs him. His pedigree is there for everybody to see.”

The 32-year-old, formerly with Blackburn and Birmingham, has played in the Premier League in the past.