Sheffield Wednesday: Milan’s faith in Jones pays off

Milan Mandaric believes that he has a good manager in Dave Jones
Milan Mandaric believes that he has a good manager in Dave Jones

MILAN Mandaric is pleased that his faith in Dave Jones has been vindicated.

The Owls chairman stuck by his manager when there was speculation that he could face the axe after a bad run in November.

Mandaric says that he knew he had a good manager despite the lean spell and was encouraged by the patience that he saw in supporters.

The Wednesday chairman’s aim now is to stay up and establish a platform that can lead to better things next season.

Mandaric says he “resisted” any idea that the manager should be changed, and believes that early-season struggles were mainly down to new players not gelling.

Jones and the club had worked very hard to rectify matters.

“We were a bit down but we are making it up, and the key thing now is stability, and to give our supporters some reward for their tremendous support,” said Mandaric

“Dave is a good, strong manager. He is very experienced. We all run into a bit of difficulty, especially if you don’t quite hit the right recruitment; that’s what we did; Dave is the first one to raise his hand to that.

“But we know we have a good manager. I know we’ll sort things out; that’s where we are. I resisted those who thought maybe I should make the change. A lot of people labelled me as someone who changed the manager easily, but all my changes were done because it was what was best for the club.

“I don’t like to make changes but if it’s right I’ll make them.

“One of the positive influences on me not to make the change was not only because I thought it was the right thing to do, but the majority of supporters were calm; they didn’t panic, because I think they trusted me; they knew that I know what needs to be done; they left it in my hands.

“The time today is telling the story; it was the right thing to do. Dave is a strong, experienced manager; he’ll take us where we need to go. The Owls are unbeaten in seven league games and have lost only one of the last 12.

Mandaric praised fans for their loyalty through the bad times.

“We did bring the players; we did spend the money; but for some reason or another it just didn’t gel as well as we had expected. That didn’t mean Dave Jones became a bad manager overnight.

“We had to be patient. Supporters gave their support, which was very important to me at the time. It was a difficult time. I needed support from them. at least a signal from them to say ‘you do what is the right thing to do and we’ll get behind you’. That’s the message I was getting

“That’s what took place and that’s why we are where we are.”

Mandaric says that the scale of the club’s following puts “positive pressure” on him.

“It means we have to move the club forward. This club has not got to stay where it is; it has to at least stabilise and give a sign to supporters that we are going to build on that and do better next season.

“We have to give supporters a reward. We have a good team off the field, a competitive team on the field. We have to build on that. You have to do it for the supporters.”