Sheffield Wednesday: Milan slams Madine leak

Milan Mandaric is studying options
Milan Mandaric is studying options

Milan Mandaric has criticised Carlisle United for revealing some details of the deal that took Gary Madine from Brunton Park to Hillsborough.

The chairman has also quashed subsequent speculation among fans that the Owls may have restricted the striker’s appearances to avoid a £100,000 payment.

Some add-ons have been triggered since the 2011 transfer but Carlisle managing director John Nixon has been quoted as saying that a further £100,000 would have been due if Madine made 23 league appearances this season.

He said: “The player would have received 10 per cent of that, with the remainder coming to Carlisle.

“Gary actually only registered 22 qualifying appearances this season... for it to qualify as an appearance, he had to start a league game or come on to the pitch as a substitute before the 75th minute.”

Carlisle also pinpointed a game against Birmingham in February when Madine went on in the 78th minute, so, without being critical of the Owls, feel that arguably they missed the extra payment by three minutes. Nixon also mentioned that Madine did not figure in the final game, against Middlesbrough

But Madine went on in the 73rd minute in the campaign’s penultimate match, at Peterborough, and if money was a factor then it seems likely the Owls would have waited a few minutes before sending him on.

Mandaric told The Star: “It is unprofessional for them (Carlisle) to discuss the contract. I am very disappointed that a professional club has done this - something we never do.

He said that Dave Jones was never under any obligation to avoid using Madine: “We would never consider doing anything like that.

“The most important thing is to win the game. The manager always selects a team to win, as he did for the final game - Steve Howard scored an important goal.” Howard and Leroy Lita kept Madine out of the side and both netted.