Putting heart into appeal

Artist Steve Mehdi with a model of his Man of Steel.

Artist Steve Mehdi with a model of his Man of Steel.

People have the chance to bring the Man of Steel alive in South Yorkshire –by donating to his heart.

Members of the public are invited to pay £20 to have their name engraved on a super alloy steel heart which will go inside the huge steel sculpture to be installed near Sheffield.

Up to 150,000 names can be featured on the two-and-a-half metre heart, which weighs two-and-a-half tons, potentially raising £3 million for the project.

As well as the names of people, the heart will also feature the name of a dog.

Phoebe Rozalsina is a German shepherd-rottweiler-St Bernard cross owned by Jay Rozanski and his partner Jenny Alsina, from Oxyfire Media – a city centre-based business who has helped with the project.

Sculptor Steve Mehdi said: “As a gesture of the help Jay and Jenny have given us I am including their names on the heart, and also Phoebe.

“She will have the distinction of being the only dog named on the heart.”

After five years in the planning, Steve has already secured technical expertise, offers of materials and donations towards the total estimated £3.5 million cost of the 30m sculpture which will be sited on a hill in Kimberworth, overlooking the M1.

Steve said: “I’m excited by it. It’s a great opportunity for the general public to have ownership of the Man of Steel.

“This is a collective collaboration across the private sector, but it’s also about public ownership.

“What I’ve found so far is people are wanting multiple names. We’ve had a brilliant response.”

Heart of Steel is being made by Brightside-based Maher, which has donated the materials needed to build it.

The heart will only be seen by visitors inside the structure.

The sculpture will sit on a building which could house an observation tower and visitor and educational centre.

To donate visit www.yorkshiremanofsteel.com and email heart@yorkshiremanofsteel.com with the name to feature on the heart.

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