VIDEO: Sheffield Food Festival - Abbeydale Brewery Tour

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Abbeydale Brewery, one of eight local microbreweries which will be pulling pints at the Sheffield Food Festival, is producing a special brew for the event.

The name and flavour is being kept under wraps until the festival begins on Saturday, May 24.

Abbeydale is known for beers such as Moonshine, Daily Bread and Brimstone.

Staff will choose from more than a hundred varieties of hops to produce the unique flavoured tipple for the festival.

Co-owner Sue Morton said everyone looked forward to the food festival as it brought the city’s finest food and drink together.

Drinkers will also be able to taste the hops and malt which gives the beer its distinctive flavour and colour.

The video produced by Kelly Crampton and Lewis Ward takes us inside Abbeydale Brewery to see the beer-making process from the grain to the pint.

For a copy of the food festival programme and for more details of this year’s programme click here.




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