Saturday, July 14, 1973: The day the ‘real Sandy’ showed up at school

A policeman keeps order at the High Storrs summer fete.

A policeman keeps order at the High Storrs summer fete.

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With rehearsals now in full-swing for High Storrs’ production of Grease for the Sheffield Children’s Festival at the Crucible in July, memories of ex-students and staff have gone back more than 40 years to when the real ‘Sandy’ came to school.

High Storrs School in the 1970s had a reputation for extravagant summer fetes and 1973 was no exception with singer and future star of Grease, Olivia Newton John, appearing that week at the Fiesta nightclub, signed up to perform the opening.

After a huge build up from the deputy head, she appeared through the double doors behind the flagpole at the back of the school to a massive crowd of giddy teenagers. She then said a few words and the fete was open. In the end, she stayed much longer than the agreed one hour, going on to judge the fancy dress competition. A table was set up in one of the smaller halls for her to fulfill the huge number of requests for autographs.

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