VIDEO: T-rex walks again at Sheffield’s Meadowhall

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LUCKY little Jessica Arno now knows what it’s like to look into the jaws of a ferocious T-rex and live to tell the tale - after meeting this big fella at Meadowhall.

And he’s just the baby.

His 23ft tall and 42ft long mum, the adult Tyrannosaurus, is top of the bill when Walking With Dinosaurs returns to Sheffield’s Motorpoint Arena from March 28 to April 1.

VIDEO: Press the play button to watch our video report, including footage of the amazing baby T-rex on the loose in Meadowhall.

The show features 20 life-size robotic and puppet controlled dinosaurs, which walk and roar as their 200-million-year-old story is retold.

Baby T-rex, a mere 7ft tall and 14ft long, was on an advanced promotional tour.

Jessica, aged 11, in a party of wide-eyed children from St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School at Sheffield Lane Top, bravely stepped forward to meet the monster up close.

She stroked its nose and peered into its gnashing jaws, then told The Star: “It was scary and amazing.”

Conor O’Callaghan, 11, said: “It was epic.”

Caitlin Torr, also 11, added: “It was cool. Scary but fun.” 

Dinosaurs fan Jacob Holmes, of Kiveton Park, celebrating his fourth birthday, said: “I liked his sharp teeth. But he didn’t scare me because the T-rex and the dinosaurs are not really alive anymore. They are extinct, because of a volcano and a comet. All those things.”

Actor Andrew Lewis, who plays the show’s narrator, Huxley, said children love the show.

“There’s that mixture of fear and excitement that brings everything to life,” he said.

Ed Wood, 33, the puppeteer inside the baby T-rex costume, played with dinosaurs as a boy. Now he’s become one, working the ultimate big boy’s toy.

Ed, from Oxford, said: “It’s the best job in the world. Venues are jam-packed, all the kids have a great time, and it’s load of fun, but hard, work.”

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