‘We really wanted to put hats on the map’

The Hat Stand is a new pop up shop in the Winter Garden in Sheffield. Pictured are Amanda Moon, Sophie Cook and Siobhan Nicholson

The Hat Stand is a new pop up shop in the Winter Garden in Sheffield. Pictured are Amanda Moon, Sophie Cook and Siobhan Nicholson

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If you want to get ahead, get a hat, went the slogan.

And three Sheffield women have taken the message to heart decades later by launching the city’s first millinery shop in a generation, albeit for a fortnight.

The Hat Stand is a pop-up store in the Winter Garden until May 31, and is the first of its kind, they say, since Madame Marie’s on Division Street during the 1980s.

It’s a collaboration between Sheffield-based milliners Sophie Cooke, Siobhan Nicholson and Amanda Moon, who worked from home before teaming up.

They are staffing the shop, selling their ready-to-wear designs and are at hand to discuss bespoke orders.

Amanda, aged 40, of Stannington, said: “We met through craft and vintage fairs and we just really wanted to put hats on the map.

“Through our research we found there were no permanent milliners in Sheffield, but there is hat hire and there are people who do want beautiful hats designed for them.”

Sophie, aged 34, a former police analyst from Hillsborough, said: “We would like to educate people and get them to come in, have a bit of fun and try on some hats.

“People often don’t wear hats apart from at weddings, when they feel it is the right thing to do, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

“Hats can be frivolous, for a purpose or denote you as somebody. People might say they don’t wear hats because they don’t have an occasion – I always say make the occasion.”

Siobhan, aged 46, of Crookes, has even made a cupcake hat to tie in with this weekend’s Sheffield Food Festival.

She said: “That was really something. Making hats because people are interested in them, they want to buy them and I really loved creating them – that’s what I want to get back to.”

The three milliners have very different styles, skill and materials. Siobhan, of Little Denim, specialised in millinery at The London College of Fashion, going on to work at Royal milliners Phillip Somerville. Sophie, of Imogen’s Imagination, and Amanda Moon, of Amanda Moon Headwear, attended evening classes at Leeds College of Art.

A fashion show supported by 30 different businesspeople, who provided their services for free, launched the shop, which is also home to four guest milliners

Prices range from £8 to more than £200.

A Mad Hatter’s tea party will be held at the Hat Stand on Saturday from 3pm (£10).

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