Artist eyes up people left behind by history

Jubby Taylor
Jubby Taylor

Musician Jubby Taylor has put his guitar down and returned to an earlier passion - painting.

A few months ago he put on an exhibition at the Forum called Paint a Vulgar Picture, with a triptych titled Panic, based on the riots of 2011, as the centrepiece. It went so well he has put on a second more ambitious show, Forgotten Abstracts.

“I started with a new triptych based on Sheffield during the Blitz in World War II, creating buildings on the canvas with original headlines from the Sheffield Star and Telegraph,” he explains. “I checked out the relevant dates in the Local History Library and printed them off, then I cut them up and recreated the buildings in a collage effect, painting round them – ‘peopling’ them, giving them life.

“The 16 paintings in Forgotten Abstracts cast an eye on the people who get left behind as the pages of history turn: those who exist on the fringes, an actress from a bygone era, the people whose luck is always down, the lonely. Yes, there is air of melancholy but I hope people get as much enjoyment looking at them as I did painting them.”

Forgotten Abstracts is on view at The Forum, Division Street, until August 18.