Dishing the dirt on organic foods

Angela Howsego (left) and Linda Tolley at Filthy Gorgeous
Angela Howsego (left) and Linda Tolley at Filthy Gorgeous

Fancy a smoothie of liquidised kale? It’s Filthy Gorgeous and it’s a best seller at the new shop of the same name at 322 Abbeydale Road…

If that’s not to your taste, how about Bloody Gorgeous, the beetroot equivalent; or Absolutely Gorgeous, the pineapple and melon version?

These take-away smoothies are just one of the quirky lines on sale at the natural and organic foods specialist run by Angela Howsego.

She took over Wild Star Food four years ago and has gradually built up the veg box business, delivering a range of organic fruit and veg packs.Now she is branching out with the new shop, stocking fruit, veg and a lot more besides.

Specialist lines include organic wine, fresh-baked bread and personal care products. She also stocks unusual things such as cacao, chia seed and sea plant-based superfood spirulina: “We’re going out on a limb!” she laughs.

Angela had her eye on the shop, so when it became available she wasted no time fitting it out with apple boxes and wine crates and putting her plan into action.

With the help of friend and delivery driver Linda Tolley, Filthy Gorgeous now opens seven days a week, 9am-6pm, or see Filthy Gorgeous