Early bird crunches the worm

Keith Wilson tucks into a crunchy critter cupcake, with mealworm topping
Keith Wilson tucks into a crunchy critter cupcake, with mealworm topping

The latest delicacies on offer from city confectioners Cupcake Time are decorated not with chocolate or fruit, but with bugs!

The business, run by Keith and Jennie Wilson of Greenhill, issued its own limited edition April Fools’ Day challenge – in the shape of chocolate or vanilla cupcakes topped with buttercream and a crunchy critter.

Customers of an adventurous nature are invited to take the cakes as a dinner party gift with a difference, or to gamble with their fate…

A roll of the dice will determine whether players bite into a delicious chocolate caramel or a crunchy mealworm.

The bush tucker treats, retailing at £9 for six, have been dreamed up by the couple who set up Cupcake Time as a hobby last year.

Says Keith, an IT specialist: “At Christmas we found some chocolates disguised as sprouts, so we put some of them on our cakes as a joke. There was so much interest that it really got people talking – and it got us thinking.

“I like pork scratchings, so Jennie made me a cake with some of those on. It was really nice, so I thought: how weird can you get.”

The couple were looking round the new Moor Market when they came across the dried, edible mealworms and crickets at Happy Valley Stores and decided to produce the ‘bush tucker challenge’ range alongside their regular cakes in time for April Fools’ Day.

“Jen won’t try them, but I like to be adventurous,” says Keith. “They taste nutty, and have a crunch like a hazelnut too. They’re perfect on top of a cupcake. Everyone thinks I’m crazy… well, maybe I am!”

Keith and Jennie bake a range of cakes to order at their home in Greenhill. They are available from fairs and farmers’ markets around the area and from the website www.cupcaketime.co.uk.

Cupcake Time is also running a pop-up pantry at the Moor Market on April 19.