Food for thought: Sophie Lane

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Sophie Lane, 24, lives with boyfriend Tom in Sheffield city centre. She has her own healthy food business, Slaaw.

Are you a cook?

Yes. I create all the recipes at Slaaw and cook all of the food too! I love thinking about what new dishes I can bring to Slaaw and I’m always looking for inspiration from other talented healthy cooks.

Any cooking tips?

If you ever have to fry anything at high temperatures, use coconut oil. It’s one of the only oils that doesn’t change it’s structure when heated up - other oils such as olive oil and vegetable oil change and can be harmful to the body.

What’s your favourite dish?

At the moment it’s got to be the rainbow rolls. It’s one of Slaaw’s lighter dishes, perfect for this weather and they are so tasty! They’re made from rice paper, rice noodles, lot and lots of veggies and a rich tamari and sesame sauce. It’s also gluten free, vegan and dairy free so near enough everyone can enjoy them!

And a drink to go with it?

I love cold brewing green tea. I don’t like it warm, I find it bitter, but if you put one tea bag for every litre of cold water in a mason jar and leave for 12 hours it’s amazing. Really refreshing as it is, or if you’d like a little more flavour, add some lime and mint or some fresh berries and leave to infuse further.

What’s you favourite restaurant in the Sheffield area?

I really love The Grind Cafe at Kelham Island. I mainly go to try all the interesting salads they have on offer, but it’s also a really nice vibe there too.

What’s the worst meal you’ve ever had?

When I went to Thailand I was fancying something a bit more familiar having noodles for nearly a month and ordered a pizza. Instead of the normal nice tomato paste you get on every other pizza they had put ketchup as the base blerggggh horrible!

And best?

Got to be a place called ‘We Do Food’ in Copenhagen. This is the place that inspired me to start Slaaw. They offered delicious salads that were totally customisable with really tasty dressings to go with it - they nailed it, I still crave one near enough every week!

Your favourite TV cook?

I like seeing what the different cooks on ‘Lorraine’ make. A lot of what they do is fresh, healthy, in season, and are dishes that people at home could actually try out. Lots of other chefs I find tend to make dishes over complicated or make them quite unhealthy by adding uneccessary things!

What do you think as Sheffield as a place to eat out?

I think there are areas which are good but there are definitely a lack of healthier options available.