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Phil Probert - Yorkshire Wine Experience
Phil Probert - Yorkshire Wine Experience

Ever been baffled by the intricacies of fine wine?

Most of us enjoy a tipple or two, but do you know the difference between your syrahs and your semillons, your esters and your tannins?

If the answer’s no, then Phil Probert could be just what you need.

The former Oddbins manager has just launched the Yorkshire Wine Experience, a wine education venture which staged its first tastings in Sheffield this week.

Says Phil: “I want to empower my customers to explore their palates and give them the confidence to try wines they might not have enjoyed before… To taste better, drink better and buy better.

“I firmly believe that there are some easy tips which can help most wine lovers enjoy what’s in their glass a little bit more.”

Phil is offering a range of events, from two-hour evening workshops to all-day sessions and a full seven-week course.

The next event on his timetable is a sparkling wine and Champagne tasting tomorrow (Friday), 7.30-9.30pm.

All events take place at the Hilton Hotel, Victoria Quays in Sheffield city centre.

Bookings or more details: Yorkshire Wine Experience or call 07443 597 702.