Sweet taste of charity success

HS Direct staff with their sweet box
HS Direct staff with their sweet box

Sweet-toothed staff at Sheffield health & safety company HS Direct have sucked their way to a £600 bonus for local charity.

The Hayland Street firm, near Meadowhall, used to stock standard charity sweet boxes until the day director James Murphy read the small print.

“We always thought we were helping good causes by encouraging staff to buy the £1 packs of sweets, he says. “But then I discovered that just 10% of the profit went to charity.

“The bags are small anyway for £1, but if only 10p from each one goes to charity it’s a disgrace!”

So James decided to challenge his staff to create their own version of the sweet packs – and donate every penny of the proceeds to charity.

“We spent £50 on sweets at a local supermarket and asked employees to give a donation whenever they fancied a treat.”

So far the team has collected more than £600 and staff voted to donate this to Sheffield Women’s Aid.

“I would advise any other companies using these boxes to check the small print and consider whether they could raise more money by creating their own office sweet boxes,” adds James.

“I’m delighted we’ve managed to raise so much and would like to thank all our staff for their incredible donations.”

HS Direct holds a variety of regular fundraising events in support of local charities. Last December it gave over £1,000 worth of gifts to Hallam FM’s Mission Christmas appeal.