Band sews up clothing store

Bring Me The Horizon - Photo: Adam Elmakias
Bring Me The Horizon - Photo: Adam Elmakias

Musicians from a Sheffield band are urging their fans to Drop Dead – and visit their new clothing store.

Oliver Sykes, lead singer of metal band Bring Me the Horizon, launched Drop Dead clothing in 2005.

And the brand – which has a flagship shop in London – has now opened its first hometown store inside the Samuel Osborne Rutland Works, on Rutland Road, Sheffield.

Anthony Donbavand, Drop Dead marketing manager, said: “It’s a massive deal because of the fact Oli travels all over the world, but still lives in Sheffield.

“He is really proud of his city and where he is from.

“It is great to be able to finally have a store here that people can visit.”

Drop Dead were giving out goodie bags to the first 100 customers when the store opened on Saturday morning – with Oli due to make an appearance.

Mr Donbavand said the brand aims to create unique, high-quality clothes inspired by an ever-evolving taste in music, art and street culture.

The company, which has a global following, designs cutting-edge clothes for both men and women.

In the past eight years, the company has continued to grow and is now known internationally.

Despite the success, the band have kept things in the family, with friends and family of former Stocksbridge High School pupil Oliver employed among the 25-strong staff.

Drop Dead moved into Rutland Works in June, when it set up its headquarters complete with warehouse, marketing department and now the new store, all under one roof.

The band hope the store will bring customers to the city and give something back to their hometown.

Mr Donbavand said because of the out-of-town location, the store it is more of a destination shop people will travel to visit.

He said: “The opening will show everyone what Drop Dead is about and what we are doing in Sheffield.

“A lot of people are aware of our brand, but there are quite a few that aren’t, so it is an opportunity to reach out and say ‘we are here’.”